Atlas Plumbings objective to provide efficient and innovative response to our clients. By recognising the sensitivity of our client’s needs and providing a level of performance to ensure satisfactory implementation of plumbing, drainage and gasfitting services. We will have maximised the benefits to the community and ensured a safe environment for all users. Not withstanding any contingency, we shall deliver our services within acceptable response time and at cost schedule. At the same time, we will provide and maintain a conducive working environment to quality and on-going staff training in support of that objective.

BSI Quality Assurance Certified

Atlas Plumbing has been assessed by BSI Group as operating a Quality Management System which complies with the requirements of ISO 9001 : 2015 and holds Certificate of Registration Number FS520824.

It is Atlas Plumbings Policy that our Quality Assurance System is applied to design/development, production, installation and servicing of all our projects. Further is our aim that our clients can be assured that the quality of professional services Atlas Plumbing provide to them will be in conformance with the brief.

We are proud that we follow the procedures as set our in our Quality Assurance Manual and make freely available to our clients the checklists and other evidence.


The Master Plumber’s Association

Atlas Plumbing is a member of the Master Plumber’s Association in order to provide a high quality service by staying informed about legislation, regulations, products and techniques to encompass new plumbing methodologies and technologies.


Occupational Health, Safety and Rehabilitation

Atlas Plumbing recognises that the staff responsibilities are to maintain a safe, attractive and functional working environment.

To achieve a safe working environment it is our policy that : –

The Company

Managers and Supervisors

All Employees


Contractors Authority

Atlas Plumbing Pty Ltd Contractors Authority No : A1840 | A.B.N 77002611065

Insurance policys

Atlas Plumbing Pty Ltd have the following Insurance policys.

All Certificates of Currency are available on request.